Kihō's Blazon to Complex Search Form Parser


This page is a convenience interface to the Complex Search Form for searching the SCA Armorial. Blazon is a highly structured language, and it takes advantage of that to automatically interpret blazon and convert it into the armory descriptions used in the Armorial. This is primarily useful for conflict-checking.

This is a work in progress; not all tags will be included and it will make mistakes. If you have suggestions or find omissions, mistakes, or bugs, please let me know at kihou at xavid dot us so I can improve it.

Nota Bene!

This page is here for convenience. It does not replace understanding the SCA rules for conflict checking and knowledge of how to use the Complex Search Form. For information about both these topics, see the materials available at East Kingdom Herald University.

The parser makes heavy use of the "see also" references in the Ordinary (i.e., This means that a single charge in your blazon may be represented by multiple armory descriptions, so keep this in mind when counting distinct changes from Complex Search Form score totals. "See also" references are generally not checked by default. In these cases, it may be easiest to perform multiple searches with different combinations of checked descriptions.

Blazon Search

Usage Notes


Primary charges are given multiple lines, one for each aspect of the primary, to find the most possible DCs. This may in some cases not be what you want, such as when you've got co-primary charges some of which are less than half of the primary charge group.

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